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Shawn Routhier sar at isc.org
Thu May 10 18:38:32 UTC 2012

On May 10, 2012, at 8:28 AM, perl-list wrote:

> I have been looking for either open source / free or commercial software that will perform load testing of a DHCP server.  
> On this list, in the past, dhcperf was recommended allot.  Unfortunately, Nominum never released the source (AFAICT).  Further, they have not updated their binary distribution since 32-bit redhat EL4.  
> Does anyone know of any current open source load testing suites that do DHCP or perchance some (reasonably priced) commercial software that does it?  ie: NOT birds-eye.net, amazing amount of money they want for their software - $99 just to evaluate it!!
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We (ISC) are working on a performance test tool as part
of the work on the next generation of DHCP code.

Both sets of work are being done within the BIND10 framework.
BIND10 is the next generation of BIND.  More information about
all of these projects can be found at
The DHCP work is being done under the code name Kea.

We are trying to make BIND10 more open and invite feedback
on the plans and designs, as well as support of the projects.
Support includes monetary donations but could also be
contributing engineering time or code if that works better
for the person or company providing the donation.

Shawn Routhier

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