CPE on CPE ip's in a cablemodem network.

maillist maillist at espen.eu
Sun May 27 23:47:44 UTC 2012


 we have 2 internett transit on a cablemodem network. One line is for 
 our private customers and the other is for our businesse customers.

 I wounder if I can get isc dhcpd to offer cpe adresses from subnets 
 based on which cablemodems they are behind? A guy told me I could use 
 option 82, but I'm not sure how. If I can make the dhcp server offer 
 addresses based on which cablemodems they belong to I can use policy 
 routing on the cmts to determine which default route they should use.

 Any help will be appreciated.

 Kind regard,
 Espen Kristensen.

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