Using cisco encapsulated option-82

Leonard Busuttil leobusuttil at
Mon Nov 5 09:54:14 UTC 2012

Hi list,

Basically I have a setup with 2 relay agents in place and the one closest
to the dhcp server is encapsulating the access side option-82. The setup
works, however I'm having difficulty in configuring option-82. Basically
when I leave the default option-82 parameters, everything works normal and
address allocation is done using the option-82 link selection parameter.

However since I want to use sub-options which are vendor specific (cisco),
I'll have to specify encapsulation in dhcp like follows:

option space CISCO;
option cisco-encapsulation code 82 = encapsulate CISCO;

option CISCO.circuit-id code 1 = text;
option CISCO.remote-id code 2 = text;
option CISCO.giaddr code 5 = text;
option CISCO.original-82 code 9 = text;
option CISCO.server-id-overide code 152 = text;
option CISCO.vpn-id code 151 = text;

When I do this, IP allocations will obviously won't work because now the is gone and instead of it it becomes CISCO.giaddr. My
question is how can I specify in the dhcpd config to use this parameter
CISCO.giaddr as my link-selection?

Thanks a lot!
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