DHCP Relay issues (version 3.x)

Nasir uddin nasiruddin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 05:11:16 UTC 2012


Appreciate your response on some of the DHCP relay issues that I am facing.

I am using 2 DHCP relays (separate networks, systems) and I am seeing an
issue in either of them.

1. I am facing an issue with the DHCP relay wherein it forwards only the
DISCOVER but not the REQUEST msg. I found this issue only when I invoke
dhcrelay with "-a" option enabled. I went through the Release notes and
found that there was some fix made in 4.1.0 a2 which solves this issue. Can
you pl let me know what was the exact fix that was made for this issue.

2. The DHCP relay stops forwarding any messages to the DHCP server. That
is, client keeps on sending DISCOVER messages but won't get any response.
The workaround for this issue is to restart the dhcrelay. Is this problem
reported earlier and/or any fix provided for this issue? If so, can you pl
let me know what is the fix provided.

To me , the above 2 problems look to be totally unrelated and I believe the
fix for either of them should be distinct. It would be great if you could
provide help with those issues.

I am using very old version of DHCP relay (3.x) and couldn't afford to
upgrade due to some other issues.

Thanks in advance.

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