DHCPv6 Option 18 (interface-id) relay problem (fwd)

Andreas Hanke andreas.hanke at r-kom.de
Thu Nov 8 15:40:05 UTC 2012

Hello again,

I did an other test now and now I am very confused...

The test steps:
1.) CLIENT PC (without DLSAM) <----> CISCO <------> DHCP Server
2.) Client PC get IP
3.) Insert the host-identifier option....
4.) Client PC get IP, but not the IP which is configured by the DHCP
config host-identifier option, the same that in step 2.)
5.) Delete lease files, restart etc...remove range configuration, so
that just the host-identifier option is there
6.) client PC get IP, already the same like at 4.)
7.) remove the DHCP Server from network (just CLIENT PC <-----> CISCO)
8.) Client PC get IP, the same that in the last steps but from my range
which is configured in DHCP server which is disconnected!!!!!

-> what makes me confused: at 2.) + 4.) + 6.) the DHCP server always do
the log messages and show my the interface-id from Client PC (without

Any ideas?....

Hope this night there will be a solution in my dreams...

cheers andy

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