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Thu Nov 29 10:10:28 UTC 2012

Hi friends,

I just start to use ISC dhcp(dhcp-4.2.4-P2) and have some questions about its test to ask. Thank you in advance.

1  In tests/HOWTO-unit-test
It says the following directories contain unit tests: client/ common/ dhcpctl/. But actually only common/ directory does. 
How about other directories?

2 In tests/DHCPv6/README
It says:
To use, the DHCPv6 server must be running in test mode to send back to
the originating port. (The scripts can be changed to bind to the
appropriate client port, but they don't now, and have to run as root
to do this). In server/dhcpv6.c, look for this comment:

/* For testing, we reply to the sending port, so we don't need a root */
/* client */
to_addr.sin6_port = remote_port;
/*to_addr.sin6_port = packet->client_port;*/

And change the code to use the client_port value.

How does it work by using client_port generally?
How to run DHCPv6 in test mode?

3 In tests/DHCPv6/README
It says You will need to modify one of the test configuration files to use one of the physical subnets that your machine uses, in the subnet6 statement.
How should I modify that configuration file in detail? Please give me a example.

4 In tests/DHCPv6
Are all these pearl script used to test only DHCPv6 server?

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