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I happened to think: could that option be put into the class definition?
Or could the class definition be put into a group with the option statement?

On 18/10/12 8:53, Simon Hobson wrote:
> Joao E Pereira Jr wrote:
>> My organization has only one DHCP server that provides configuration for
>> clients in all subnets and every subnet gateway is able to do dhcp
>> relay. In
>> some subnets there are access points that look for a wireless switch
>> controller using the value of option 43 of reply packet. Currently it
>> have two
>> controllers and I need to include option 43 only for the access points
>> assigning the value based on the subnet.
>> Subclassing allow me to include option 43 only for the access points,
>> but I
>> haven't found a way to assign the value based on subnet so far. I' ve
>> tryed
>> conditional behavior as showed in dhcp-eval. All access points end up
>> reaching
>> the same controller or got no option 43 at all. Is this scenario
>> feasible?
> Does it matter if a few devices get Option43 that aren't access points
> ? If not, then just define the option at the subnet level and each
> device will get the right value automatically. Devices should only be
> sent the option if they ask for it.
> Alternatively, how are you addressing the access points - dynamically
> or statically ? And if dynamically, how much spare address space do
> you have ?
> One option would be to have a separate pool for the access points, and
> make that available only to them by the same class & subclass you have
> now. Then add the option in the pool scope.
> Otherwise, you'll end up with a big if ... elseif ... elseif ...
> statment checking the GI Address field for the subnet and setting the
> option accordingly - messy.

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