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Thu Oct 18 14:18:06 UTC 2012

On 18/10/12 13:42, Simon Hobson wrote:
> Sten Carlsen wrote:
>> I happened to think: could that option be put into the class 
>> definition? Or could the class definition be put into a group with 
>> the option statement?
> I think that's what he already has - but he wants different options 
> depending on the subnet.
> Another idea that comes to mind would involve two classes - and 
> explicitly put each AP in one or other class. Thta means more 
> maintenance as he would now need to keep track not only of the access 
> points, but also which subnet they are in (and hence which controller 
> they need configuring to use).
Would selecting class based on relay address work?

Each host would have membership in one class(C-1) based on the present 
criteria and another class(R-1) based on the relay address. Class R-1 
would then have the option 43 and class C-1 has other options.

This is probably murky water, each host will then be member in two 
different classes - assuming that both class definitions contain 
options, how would dhcp resolve which options to use if the same option 
is set (differently) in both classes?

I have never tried anything like this, never had the use. It might still 
be an interesting way to solve some challenges.

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Sten Carlsen

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