Multilple leases with same client identifier

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Wed Oct 24 20:25:41 UTC 2012


we have a setup where we have customer cpe getting several leases for the specific vlans they are on for management, voip or internet access etc...

Most CPE we have tested either have a different ethernet hardware address on each vlan and/or they send a different uid for each of the vlans.

We have one specific device that sends identical ethernet addresses and uid for all the requests the different vlans.

When the device requests 3 leases one for each vlan it is on. The DHCP server releases the previously assigned leases as it assumes that the device has moved to a another network.

For n requests in n different vlans we get left with one valid and and n-1 released leases.  We noticed when trying to query the leases by ip over omapi.

I have traced the releasing of the leases to find_lease() in dhcp.c

|                if (uid_lease -> subnet -> shared_network != share) {
| #if defined (DEBUG_FIND_LEASE)
|                        log_info ("wrong network segment: %s",
|                                  piaddr (uid_lease -> ip_addr));
| #endif
|                        goto n_uid;
|                }

I have two questions:

1. Can I safely claim that the CPE is violating the specs by advertising equal identical uid for multiple concurrent leases.

2. Any ideas for a workaround until we get the cpe fixed ? Perhaps we could ignore the uid for the specific vendor ?

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