IPV6 Dynamic Address Stability

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Mon Oct 29 18:13:21 UTC 2012

Chris Buxton writes:
> Neighbor discovery is designed to protect against this. If a device wants 
> to start using an address, it should first ask existing devices if the 
> address is already in use. Of course, bad implementations might happen, 
> but for major operating systems, this should work reliably. However, if 
> the address is statically assigned, all bets are off.
> With IPv6, it is encouraged to use all dynamic addresses (derived from 
> either SLAAC or DHCP). Non-temporary addresses should be pretty stable, 
> so even servers can reasonably use dynamic addresses.

	Thank you. That certainly answered my question.

Martin McCormick

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