ISC DHCP 4.1-ESV-R7 is now available

Shawn Routhier sar at
Wed Sep 12 18:25:29 UTC 2012

ISC DHCP 4.1-ESV-R7 is now available for download.

This is the production release of ISC DHCP 4.1-ESV-R7, a maintanence
release which contains a single security patch and an upgrade to our
testing framework.

A list of the changes in this release has been appended to the end
of this message.  For a complete list of changes from any previous
release, please consult the RELNOTES file within the source
distribution, or on our website:

This release, and its OpenPGP-signatures are available now from:

ISC's Release Signing Key can be obtained at:

			Changes since 4.1-ESV-R6

Existing legacy unit-tests have been migrated to Automated Test
Framework (ATF). Several new tests have been developed. To enable
unit-tests, please use --with-atf in configure script. A Developer's
Guide has been added. To generate it, please use make devel in
the doc directory. It is currently in early stages of development,
but is expected to grow in the near future. [ISC-Bugs 25901]

An issue with the use of lease times was found and fixed.  Making
certain changes to the end time of an IPv6 lease could cause the
server to abort.  Thanks to Glen Eustace of Massey University,
New Zealand for finding this issue.
[ISC-Bugs #30281]
CVE: CVE-2012-3955

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