cannot change ip address in pool (fixed question)

Jim Pazarena dhcp at
Fri Sep 14 16:09:43 UTC 2012

Simon Hobson wrote, On 2012-09-14 8:48 AM:
> Your values will mean that for devices which do not request a specific
> lease time, they will get a lease of 10 minutes duration which they will
> renew about every 5 minutes. If you have a DHCP failure, then clients
> will lose their leases and stop working roughly 5 to 10 minutes later.

I have found many clients (such as d-link routers, and windo$e machines)
which retain their IP and keep using it long after the lease expires.
I have even seen where a client device has requested a renewal, been
issued a DHCPNAK, and they ignore it. And keep going merrily on their
way using the IP which you want them to surrender.

So I would say the ideal situation of the client issuing a release or
a discover isn't 'always' the case.

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