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On 15/09/12 15:26, Dwayne Hottinger wrote:
> doesnt the dhcp server broadcast and ask if that ip is already taken?
It can ping, you have to set the option. For that to work, the offender 
must reply to pings. That is not always the case. This way you will 
block the dhcp from using the addresses that have been manually set in 

The question was if the static hosts can be blocked, I assume that by 
static you mean hosts that set the IP manually and not a static host 
statement in dhcp.

Dhcp is not an access control system, switches, routers, other network 
equipment does a much better job. You may be able to block those devices 
by MAC address, as you want to use the IPs for other hosts.

If you have host statements with fixed addresses, those addresses must 
be outside the ranges used for dynamic assignment or they will be used 
both ways. A fixed address statement does not prevent the same address 
being handed out to dynamic clients.

> On Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 8:55 AM, <networkgroup at 
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>     Some of the clients under our network is using static in same pool
>     which we have create in dhcp.So we are facing ip collision  every
>     time .Is their any way to block static ips under same network?
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