vendor-option-space not being sent

John Hascall john at
Thu Sep 20 16:27:45 UTC 2012

I have the following at the global level of my config (I've spared
you some of the binary gibbersh):

	option UCSipServer code 120 = string;

	# Vendor Specific Options (43)
	option space MSUCClient;
	option MSUCClient.UCIdentifier code 1 = string;
	option MSUCClient.URLScheme code 2 = string;
	option MSUCClient.WebServerFqdn code 3 = string;
	option MSUCClient.WebServerPort code 4 = string;
	option MSUCClient.CertProvRelPath code 5 = string;

	if option vendor-class-identifier = "MS-UC-Client" {
		option UCSipServer 00:03...:00;
		option MSUCClient.UCIdentifier 4D:53:..:74;
		option MSUCClient.URLScheme 68:74:74:70:73;
		option MSUCClient.WebServerFqdn 6C:79:...:75;
		option MSUCClient.WebServerPort 34:34:33;
		option MSUCClient.CertProvRelPath 2F:43:...:63;
	        vendor-option-space MSUCClient;

And the client requests both 43 and 120, and has "MS-UC-Client"
as the vendor-class-identifier but only gets 120.

What have I done wrong?


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