DHCRELAY: more than one in a row

Homer Wilson Smith HomerWSmith at lightlink.com
Fri Sep 21 18:58:10 UTC 2012

     Dear Gentle Folk,

     Running Linux 2.4.x, dhcp-3.0.3

     Works well.

     When 2 or more routers are in line with each other, and
each one is running dhcrelay, multiple requests are sent to the
dhcp server, and multiple answers are sent back.  Although it seems
to work, the extra traffic is undesirable.  Is there a way
to avoid this behavior?

      Server ----  Relay1 ----- Relay2 ---- Client

      Relay2 gets the original request from Client, and sends the answer 
to Server THROUGH Relay1 which duplicates the request, so Server gets 
muliple packets, still not clear why but it can be many, not just two, and 
then the server has to answer all of them.

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