dhcp cluster fails to issue static lease when partner down for too long

Christ Schlacta lists at aarcane.org
Mon Sep 24 04:03:08 UTC 2012

I think this was blocked when I first sent it.  I've censored my 
original post, and have provided a pastebin link: http://pastebin.ca/2207091

On 9/23/2012 2:17 PM, Christ Schlacta wrote:
Here are my two configs.  Additionally, I think it's moderately 
important to note that the system resumed issuing the static lease (for 
host izanami with ipxe boot) as soon as the host ns2 was brought up.


> On 9/23/2012 12:12 AM, Simon Hobson wrote:
>> Christ Schlacta wrote:
>>> so I've got a bunch of static leases configured in my config files
>> Post your configs
>>> I believe this is a pretty serious BUG. dhcpd should NEVER refuse or 
>>> fail to issue a deterministic lease, one that's either statically 
>>> defined, or defined in terms of a dns entry, or similarly 
>>> deterministically defined.
>> Funnily enough, no-one has ever reported such a problem before. Lets 
>> see your configs - most "bugs" turn out to be config issues.

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