DHCP server with a group of mac address

ded1 at MyBSD.org.my ded1 at MyBSD.org.my
Wed Sep 26 09:50:42 UTC 2012


i'm installing isc-dhcp42-server and run in the network for like 1000 
node. i have like 1000 mac address (servers, PC's, printers, phones, etc) 
which i put in the text file.


Any mac address (which is in the text file) who plug into the network will 
get the ip address based on the vlan configured on the switch. Any mac 
address who's NOT in the text file, will not getting any IP and they will 
not authorize to be in our network.

Is this possible to do with isc-dhcp ? I try to search around these topic 
but not much help.

Anyone have any tips / shed me some light ?


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