Frame Tagging

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Aug 1 21:09:48 UTC 2013


> > service or use exclamation marks, I just resubmitted the question in the
> > hope that someone who didn't see it last time would notice it and make some
> > helpful response.

its just bad netiquette to post the same question in such a short time frame. yes,
for you its very have an issue and you want or need it fixed ASAP...
it might even be keeping you awake at night or threatening your current position etc

however, plenty of people on mailing lists such as these may only drop in once in a while 
to catch up or note a topic of interest....they would read your last email (or via
web interface) when they got around to it.  I would say that posting the same question,
if unanswered after a month, one more time. would be okay/more reasonable.... then
leave it at that. the 'expert' on this may have had a similar issue some time back..
worked it out. nevefr used this list.  you may need to just spend more time on this
yourself, get closer to the answer... you may find its a bug or 'feature' of your
networking kit...and its sooo frustrating when thats the case as you might expect
such stuff to do its job and not be the issue. 


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