Frame Tagging

Alex Bligh alex at
Fri Aug 2 14:34:51 UTC 2013

On 2 Aug 2013, at 15:22, Simon Hobson wrote:

> "George Sexton" wrote:
>> I've done networking for a long time, and never tried to use VLANs before. I
>> bought some wireless access points that had it, along with the ability to do
>> multiple SSIDs and I thought it would be a neat way to segment my wifi
>> network.
>> It would be really nice if dhcpd were doing the right thing here...
> I think the problem is the way dhcpd directely accesses the raw packets rather than using the OS IP stack. It does this due to the need to handle packets without an IP address to talk to clients that haven't yet configured their stack.

This makes sense for dhcp client but less for dhcdpd

Alex Bligh

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