Problems with DHCP lease file cleaning and size

Christian Kratzer ck-lists at
Fri Aug 2 14:35:01 UTC 2013


On Thu, 1 Aug 2013, Mohan Kannekanti wrote:
> - Is there any mechanism in dhcpd which rewrite (like it does in when it
> starts) the lease file after some period?? If so, What is the period and Is
> there any way to give this in conf file??
if you are disturbed by the growing lease file and you have a relatively
small environment I guess you just might regularly restart the dhcpd
which would then cleanup and compress the logfile.

Although on the other hand having a lease time of 20s in a production
network is insanely low.

> - Is there any way to keep limit on number of connections for an subnet??

not sure what you mean with connections in this context.

> - will there be any problem if we keep limit on number of entries to log in
> lease file and when limit is reached start writing (overriding) from
> beginning?? (similar to dmesg in kernel)

As others already mentioned this is not how it works.


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