dhcpd.leases file is growing out of control after upgrade

Scott Baker bakers at canbytel.com
Mon Aug 5 17:10:58 UTC 2013

On 08/05/2013 10:05 AM, Steven Carr wrote:
> The directory will need to be writeable by DHCPD otherwise it wont be
> able to swap the files out. I would guess that on startup it does a
> different type of cleanup which doesn't need to swap the files, or
> runs as root initially so it has access.

I just confirmed that on my previous installation (Fedora 14), the
permissions were the same. I didn't have the problem with my previous
installation.  I'm guessing it's either:

#1) Not trying to do the clean up


#2) It's trying to do the clean up, and failing for some unknown reason

Checking the logs I don't see anything about it trying to do clean up.
The process starts and stops just fine. If there is something wrong with
the process it's not indicated in the logs.

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