dhcpleasequery with static host decl

Sztrepka Pál szpal at szarvas.hu
Wed Aug 7 12:19:14 UTC 2013

I dont know Simon, initially I applied the 'reserved' leases in my dhcp 
(infinite-is-reserved true; default-lease-time 0xffffffff;)
but a lot of home routers was not able to read this lease time.
(Practically they are asked again and again for their ip addresses...)

2013-08-07 13:07 időpontban Simon Hobson ezt írta:

> How about reserved leases ?
> A reserved lease acts the same as a regular lease, except that it is
> permenently tied to one client even after it expires. IIRC you simply
> need to add "Reserved" to an existing lease (or add a basic lease
> skeleton with Reserved) - either by editing the leases file or with
> Because it's now a regular lease, it goes through the normal
> lifecycle with DDNS updates, etc.

Regards: Sztrepka Pál

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