dhcpleasequery with static host decl

Sztrepka Pál szpal at szarvas.hu
Wed Aug 7 19:57:42 UTC 2013

Ok, i understand, i need add to every host declaration
the 'reserved' word.
Now it is not clear how to do, in the archivum i found this method via 
   set flags = 04:00:00:00
but i get back:
   > create
   can't open object: unknown error: 393248

2013-08-07 20:25 időpontban Chris Buxton ezt írta:

> That's not the same thing. Simon was referring to actually editing
> the dhcpd.leases file to add the word "reserved" to a lease. This
> makes it operate much like a reservation, but also much like a 
> dynamic
> lease. Best of both worlds. No infinite lease time.
> You would have to either use omshell to do this or else stop dhcpd,
> edit the leases file, and start it again.

Regards: Sztrepka Pál

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