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Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Aug 8 15:27:39 UTC 2013

	I have a slightly different question which is closely
related to an on-going thread so I decided to use a different
topic to be nice to those in the similar thread.

	Is there any way to get a current snapshot of the dhcp
server's current bootP map?

	One can almost use dhcpd.leases but this doesn't cover
the most recent activity.

	I have discovered that bootP additions are appended to
the leases file and then eventually get built in to the normal
place for them which is near the beginning and extends up to the
failover status if applicable and the first dynamic leases.

	Our present dhcp setup involves keeping a data base
similar to the old bootptab file of times gone bye. When systems
get added, we use omapi to add or delete entries from the
servers but there is no way to be sure that what is in the
bootptab really matches what is in the dhcp server. If we could
use the dhcp server to tell us what it has or doesn't have, we
could be more sure of what is a bootP entry and whether or not
it is good. We could also find out if the bootP information in
both our dhcp servers is exactly the same. Dynamic leases are
automatically synced with failover, but the static bootP
information is not synced.

	Any constructive ideas are appreciated

Martin McCormick

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