DHCP "static" assignments

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Aug 8 18:00:31 UTC 2013

"Glenn Satchell" wrote:
>A few years ago there was a book The DHCP Hanbdbook (2nd Ed) which you can
>still get on Amazon
>http://www.amazon.com/The-DHCP-Handbook-2nd-Edition/dp/0672323273 This is
>considered the definitive reference guide for configuring ISC DHCPD. Ralph
>Droms is the chair of the IETF working group for DHCP and editor of the
>dhcp RFCs. Ted Lemon is the original author of ISC dhcpd. So I think these
>guys know what they are talking about :)

While I'm sure Ted and Ralph would prefer everyone to buy new copies, even the first edition is a fine reference manual as long as you haven't reached the stage of using some of the newer and more advanced features (failover, reserved leases, and so on). I'l second that it really is an excellent book - it's quite readable, and explains the "why" and "how did we get here" bits as well as the "to do X ..." bits.

I reckon a lot of people these days would wonder how on earth we ever managed to run a network back in the days of manual config, RARP, and BOOTP ! Though I'll add that my experience doesn't go back to using RARP.

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