Some questions regarding dhcp w/ldap

Eivind Olsen eivind at
Wed Dec 4 00:32:46 UTC 2013


I have a couple of questions related to the ISC dhcp + ldap. I have read the documentation (well, contrib/ldap/README.ldap) and searched the 'net. My next steps would be to dig into the source code (I am not a C programmer) and/or lab testing, but I am hoping someone already have the answers and 2 minutes to spare :-)

I am looking at using ISC dhcp (most recent release, 4.2.5-P1) with an ldap backend, with ldap-method dynamic.

* Is the ldap functionality considered stable for production use?

* Does it handle using multiple ldap servers, for failover purposes, with sensible timeout / failover handling? I didn't see any signs of this in the README.ldap file.

* Will I be able to match hosts based on the value of option 82? I have seen it mentioned that this might not work with ldap-method dynamic.

* Should I expect to see any substantial performance penalty when using dhcp w/ldap, compared to having the full configuration in the regular dhcpd.conf text file? I know this question is somewhat similar to "How long is a piece of string?".

* Are there any other things I should keep in mind before I consider hooking dhcp up with ldap? "Here are dragons."?

Eivind Olsen

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