DHCP Giving Out IP For Wrong Subnet

Asai asai at globalchangemusic.org
Mon Dec 16 18:07:41 UTC 2013

> There’s your problem. Don’t use interface aliases (multiple VLANs on one physical interface) with a DHCP server — it gets confused. The DHCP server somewhat bypasses the operating system IP stack for local clients.
> Instead, you should connect all of these VLANs to a switch or router and then use a DHCP relay, per VLAN, to relay these requests to the single address of the DHCP server.
Thanks, Chris.  That makes sense.  In this situation, the DHCP server is 
on the router (Vyatta) which is hosting the VLANS.  I have a couple of 
options here, but I will probably go ahead and roll out a separate DHCP 
server that is not on this router.

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