how prevent IP conflict

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Your choices are:

1) Tell the employee not to do that and terminate him if he does it again.
2) Explain to the person's superior the cost of the person's issue and 
let him take responsibility, documenting the action taken to the 
business owner.
3) If you have a managed layer 3 switch, you could probably do something 
to block the mac address of the device, or alternatively, only recognize 
certain mac addresses.

On 12/19/13 2:26 PM, Pol Hallen wrote:
> Hi all, I'm sorry for question but I didn't found a correct way to solve
> my problem.
> I've a small lan (less than 10 machines) and one server
> (
> dhcp runs perfectly but someone (for stupid game) put his machine to
> static IP address: static same IP of server, lan goes down.
> So, what's the best choice to prevent this situation? Do a subnet?
> Thanks for help!
> Pol
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