Suppress or unset global option for one subnet

Circelli, Diego D.Circelli at
Tue Feb 12 20:22:14 UTC 2013

Try using the following (snip from dhcp-options):

"       option dhcp-parameter-request-list uint16;

          This option, when sent by the client, specifies which options the  client  wishes  the  server  to
          return.    Normally,  in  the ISC DHCP client, this is done using the request statement.   If this
          option is not specified by the client, the DHCP server will normally return every option  that  is
          valid  in  scope  and that fits into the reply.   When this option is specified on the server, the
          server returns the specified options.   This can be used to force a client to take options that it
          hasn't  requested,  and  it can also be used to tailor the response of the DHCP server for clients
          that may need a more limited set of options than those the server would normally return."



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Is there a way to suppress or unset a globally specified option for just one subnet ?

Gordon Ross

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