DHCP Roaming

James Jalbert jjalbert at rsu39.org
Thu Feb 14 12:34:02 UTC 2013

I am wondering if the following is possible?
I have a DHCP server that is running multiple subnet decelerations for different buildings in my organization. We will use the following for reference:
Subnet A   Building 1
Subnet B   Building 2
Subnet C  Building 3
I use fixed address hosts and each host is configured for the address and subnet of its building. I have pools set up in each subnet so that clients may roam from building to building and get an IP address. Works great. Now I have set up Subnet D in Building 3, this subnet is a VLAN for outside people to bring in their devices, get internet access, but be separate from and have no communication with Subnet C, I do have fixed addresses set up here also, so host need to have a deceleration to get on. That is working great. Now comes the issue, I want people in the organization to be able to roam freely between all buildings, which they can, but I DO NOT want people registered in Subnet D to be able to get address from any other subnet. Is there a way to do this without disrupting the roaming of subnet A to B to C and only deny roaming from hosts in subnet D?
Thanks for the help in advance

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