Static and dynamic address on same mac based on vendor-class-identifier

Antti Hongell antti.hongell at
Wed Feb 20 13:05:54 UTC 2013


Im trying to make a setup where host has one static address based on mac
and several dynamic addresses that are from the same subnet based
on vendor-class-identifier.

        class "alias1" {           match if option vendor-class-identifier
= "alias1";     }

This works just fine as long as I dont configure host and fixed address
which seems to override everything.

host NN {
hardware ethernet 00:26:b9:aa:bb:cc;

Is there a way to deny members of class alias1 from the host declaration?



P.S. Also if anyone knows way to configure ip-aliases with different
hw-addresses with rhel5 I'd like to know..
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