Switch a client to fixed pool after dynamic ip delegation

Andreas Hanke andreas.hanke at r-kom.de
Thu Feb 28 16:34:29 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

I have an isc dhcp server.

The configuration is mixed between a dynamic pool
and some static fixed pools (with option agent circuit id).

That means:
a lot of clients get there ip from the pool dynamic.
a lot of clients get there ip "fixed" via the agent
circuit id option of the static fixed pool configuration.

My problem:
If I switch a client from the dynamic pool into the
fixed "area" the client send his next DHCPREQUEST
with the "old ip from the pool".

and...the dhcp server says "OK you could have that"
altough a fixed pool entry exists...

Is there any posiblity to tell the DHCP server if
a static fixed pool exists only use this?


Have anyone, any idea?

thanks a lot andy
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