"deny duplicates;" not working?

Neff, Glen glen.neff at emc.com
Tue Jan 8 22:03:45 UTC 2013

>> Is dhcpd.conf(5) erroneous then?:
>>   The duplicates keyword
>>     allow duplicates;
>>     deny duplicates;
>>   Host declarations can match client messages based on  the  DHCP
>>   Client Identifier  option  or  based on the client's network
>>   hardware type and MAC address.
>>AFAIK the keyword here is "host declaration". This only works if you
>>actually use host declarations.

I actually use a lot of MAC-based host declarations (in other environments), but this is never an issue with those, 'cause they just use the MAC address.  I'm not understanding the point of an option that only applies to a condition which precludes it.

I think I just need to decipher and employ the class syntax somehow.


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