CPE with static IP address

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Mon Jan 14 08:55:00 UTC 2013


On Mon, 14 Jan 2013, Sztrepka Pál wrote:
> Hi Simon.
> Do you think Option 82, is not it?
> Really my question is, that whether can I do this with regular ISC DHCP 
> config statements
>  or options (like hardware ethernet - fixed-address pair) without 
> sniffing the DHCP
> discover packets or processing the dhcpd.log?
> If anybody would a revelant config part, I thank to him.

following works with current isc dhcp-4.2 or later:

option agent.subscriber-id code 6 = text;

host test1 {
     host-identifier option agent.circuit-id "test1";
host test2 {
     host-identifier option agent.remote-id "test2";
host test3 {
     host-identifier option agent.subscriber-id "test3";

You need to configure the switch the customer cpe is connected to so
that it inserts the option82 information.

If you use cricuit-id, remote-id or subscriber-id depends on what
your switch or router supports on how your network is setup.

Cisco layer2 devices often support configurable circuit-id.

Zyxel switches seem to support configurable remote-id.

Cisco layer3 devices often support configurable subscriber-id.


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