static cpe-host & unknown lease

Sztrepka Pál szpal at
Wed Jan 23 20:10:13 UTC 2013

Hi List,

I think, the last few months I learned a lot about the ISC DHCP (thanks 
for You),
but unfortunately not enough..
There is some parts, that not so clear for me about the static hosts, 
more precisely:

I would like to allocate in my system for all cm, all mta and all cpe
static IPs, and I intend everything to do with OMAPI.

So, I only create a new cm, mta or cpe host-statements in the 
'dhcpd.leases' with own
omapi functions. The results looks like this:

host cm_3510 {
   hardware ethernet 00:24:d1:a7:50:7b;
   group "pack-115";
host mta_3510 {
   hardware ethernet 00:24:d1:a7:50:7c;
         supersede server.filename = "";
host cpe_3510 {
   host-identifier option agent.remote-id 0:24:d1:a7:50:7b;
   fixed-address aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd;

In my 'dhcpd.conf' the is 10min, so after 5 minutes 
cm, mta and the cpe devices wants to renew theirs ip addresses.
(incoming DHCPREQUEST messages in the dhcpd.log)

The strange thing about this requests:
At the cm and mta the DHCP server send the DHCPACK message, its normal.
But at the cpe, the DHCP server response this:
DHCPREQUEST for aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd from 00:13:8f:32:f9:29 via eth0: 
unknown lease aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd.
... and repeat this ~8-10 in every ~4-5 minutes.
And after 10min, there is a DHCPDISCOVER message from cpe device, then 
so the cpe gets again the requested ip address.

Yes, it is true, there is not lease statements in the dhcpd.leases, but 
why miss only
at the cpe-hosts?
Maybe I sould also create a 'lease' OMAPI-object each after 
cm/mta/cpe-host statements creations?

The second thing, that i dont know:
Whith this OMAPI cpe-host decl, if the customers swap theirs cpe 
devices behind the cm,
how can i give out the same cpe ip address immediately, because there 
is not corresponding cpe-lease
registration in the dhcpd.leases, so I cannot terminate that?

Thanks for help!

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