Delays getting an address after a DHCPNAK

Tom Harris thom.j.harris at
Fri Jul 19 22:20:33 UTC 2013

I have what might be a somewhat uncommon situation (cloning from a VM that
has a valid lease), which I've been unable to eliminate a 10 second delay

The scenario is:

- I'm cloning linux containers/VMs in a very transient way.  They come up
and down frequently.
- The new VM is cloned from a running VM which has a valid lease.
- The new VM tries to renew the lease on the IP from the original VM, and
gets NAK'd.
 - {Delay 10 seconds}
- The new VM does a DHCPDISCOVER and quickly gets a valid IP.

I modified the reboot timeout, and the initial-interval, but they didn't
effect the 10 second delay.   Is there another setting that would effect
this?  Or any other way to eliminate the delay?

Thanks for any help.
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