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Thu Jul 25 15:38:12 UTC 2013


I am working with a CentOS 6.4 server that I have set up to provide DHCP services and iSCSI targets.  I have a pool of identical clients which will be booting Linux from the iSCSI targets.  I would like to set up DHCP on the server to send iSCSI target information to the clients (so I do not have to manually configure each client).  It looks like this can be done with the root-path option.  However, if I just set the root-path, it looks like the same root path will be sent to each client, and I need each client to receive a unique root path.  Ideally the root path could be tied to the IP, so IP will get target 01, and will get target02, and so on.  If that isn't feasible perhaps something like tying the root path to the client MAC and having to put the client MACs in the dhcpd.conf would be OK, although obviously less dynamic, it would be neat to be able to tie the root path to the IP being assigned instead.

Could anyone provide some guidance, any suggestions in general on how to send different root paths to different clients?


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