windows 7 dhcp stateful config ipv6

tslbai tslbai at
Thu Jun 27 16:50:00 UTC 2013

Am 27.06.2013 10:15, schrieb Henri Wahl:
> Your Cisco needs some config like this:
> ipv6 nd prefix 2001:db8::/64 no-advertise
> otherwise it won't stop supporting SLAAC.
> Regards

Thaks for this hint.
 My Windows-Client has no SLAAC-address an doesn't try to get one.
There's only a link-local-address on the lan-interface. And the Windows
is sending DHCPV6-Request, but there are no responses.

I added the "no-advertise" option to my router-config, but it has no effect.

The Client is sending multicasts to ff02::1:2 as before, but the
dhcp-Server doesn't respond.


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