Loading dhcpd.conf changes without restarting the dhcpd daemon

Jarek Kasjaniuk jarek.kasjaniuk at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 11:53:06 UTC 2013

W dniu 14.03.2013 12:09, Abdul Khader pisze:
> Hi Jarek,
> OMAP does not allow addition to the config file.
> For example, does it allow me to add a new IP rage and load the new
> changes to dhcpd ?
> I would like to add a new IP range to dhcpd.conf and run a
> command/scrip which would update the dhcpd without actually stopping
> and starting the dhcpd daemon.
> Regards
> Abdul Khader

You can only query and manipulate lease data while the server is running.
But you can't add  any new data to dhcpd.conf


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