Bob Proulx bob at
Fri Mar 22 04:16:17 UTC 2013

Tim Gustafson wrote:
> option domain-name-servers
> But that causes most of the DNS load to go to and ns2 and
> ns3 hardly get used at all.
> Is there any way to configure DHCP to issue name servers in
> round-robin order so that each successive clients gets a different
> primary name server?

You didn't say what type of clients were consuming these so I will
just throw this out there without knowing if it would work or not.

If you configured local caching nameservers on the clients then the
local named would get all three and load balance among them.  Of
course that behavior depends upon the named.  But in any case then you
would have much reduced load on your upstream nameservers due to local
caching.  I have seen this change over lower upstream nameserver load


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