DHCPv6 equivalent of leased-address

Wim Vandersmissen Wim.Vandersmissen at icts.kuleuven.be
Fri Mar 22 12:10:08 UTC 2013

To answer my own question :)
I fixed this by doing this:

option dhcp6.leased-address code 194 = string;
option dhcp6.leased-address = binary-to-ascii(16,16, ":", substring(suffix(option dhcp6.ia-na, 24),0,16));

Combined with
option dhcp6.macaddr code 193 = string;
option dhcp6.macaddr = binary-to-ascii(16, 8, ":", suffix(option dhcp6.client-id, 6));

You can log
log (info, concat ("Lease for ",config-option dhcp6.leased-address, " leased to ", config-option dhcp6.macaddr));

Which shows you
Mar 22 12:04:11 dhcp1 dhcpd: Lease for 2001:0db8:100:b400:0:0:0:4e8 leased to 0:21:64:98:ab:fd


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Subject: DHCPv6 equivalent of leased-address


Anyone knows what the DHCPv6 equivalent of 'leased-address' data expression is ?


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