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Do the exit codes have any useful value in these circumstances?  I’m not sure about getting exit codes in perl (though I’m sure there is a simple way), but on a shell command line, if you run an omshell command (or any command), then immediately do “echo $?”, the number returned is the exit status of the very previous command (omshell). You can use this usually more reliably and simply than printed output to determine the success of a command.

The return code for success is zero. Anything that is non-zero is either a failure, or that program’s way of communicating specific information or specific kinds of problems (RTFM, politely intended).

Most everything has a useful exit code. I have not got as far as looking into that with omshell myself, but exit codes really should correspond usefully to the actual status / success of the command, and it is a bug in my book if that is not true.

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On Nov 1, 2013, at 9:56 AM, Martin McCormick <martin at> wrote:

> 	I have written a perl script that uses omshell to adjust
> the data bases on a couple of DHCP servers and it makes the
> changes beautifully and as fast as lightning. The bad news is
> that the normal omshell output never echos the command being
> executed. This would allow a routine to translate omshell output
> in to messages to a caller stating that we added xyz to Server 1
> or that abc couldn't be found for deletion on Server2. As it is,
> successful additions or deletions do produce enough output to
> use, but unsuccessful operations don't echo enough to turn in to
> a meaningful message.
> 	Has anyone figured out how to get omshell to echo text
> or to echo the command it is currently executing? That would
> make it possible to gather needed data for clear messages to the
> caller.
> 	My thanks for any constructive ideas.
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