MAC OS X and DHCPv6 hostname...

Vytautas V Grigaliunas vyto at
Thu Oct 3 17:49:55 UTC 2013


Running MAC OS 10.8.5.

The DHCPv6 client doesn't appear to be sending a hostname in its lease solicit, whereas the DHCPv4 client is in its lease request.

Right now I'm basing this on the DHCPv6 server side logs since it is DDNS updating the AAAA record with the default hostname syntax, whereas the DHCPv4 server is DDNS updating the A record with the configured hostname on the client.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some DHCPv6 client configuration parameter in MAC OS X before digging deeper, since I'm not a MAC expert and finding information on the MAC OS X DHCPv6 client is frustrating.

Any ideas anyone ?


Vyto Grigaliunas

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