dhcpd in IPv6 mode and syslog messages

Алексей Прокопчук alexpro at homelan.lg.ua
Sat Oct 5 00:42:09 UTC 2013

> server on same subnet as the clients?  if not, have you got the required IPv6
> helper on your router?
> is your server firewall etc confogured to allow the DHCPv6/ICMPv6 packets
> through?
> we're using ISC DHCPv6 with clients and no issue(*)
> alan
> (*) well, within reason... ;-)
No problem with dhcpd itself, it works fine, as Jay said. :)
I mean only deficient logging. Maybe I'm not entirely accurate
explained, sorry, my English is not very good, unfortunately.

With best regards, Alexey Prokopchuk (AP8686-RIPE).

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