dhcpd in IPv6 mode and syslog messages

Алексей Прокопчук alexpro at homelan.lg.ua
Sat Oct 5 00:49:23 UTC 2013

> I complained about that via a bug report to dhcp-bugs at isc.org with title
> "logging deficiencies for IPv6 on Oct 31, 2011, getting bug# 26377".  I
> received no response from ISC & I've seen no improvement by the server.
> It does basically work for IPv6, but the lack of logging & other
> shortcomings
> make it much less usable than for IPv4.  I encourage submitting bug
> reports
> about the deficient logging & anything else you find lacking about the
> IPv6
> behavior of ISC DHCP, especially relative to IPv4.  More voices might
> help.
I'll drop a line into this bug. Of course, I can do logging more
verbosely by patching ipv6 related code. But I don't think this would be
right solution.

Thanks for reply, with best regards, Alexey Prokopchuk (AP8686-RIPE).

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