Sub-pool or pool hierarchy

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Oct 14 19:16:42 UTC 2013

On 10/14/2013 12:08 PM, Prunk Dump wrote:

> My problem is that the ranges :
> -> to     (my PEDA domain)
> -> to  (my ORPEO domain)
> are not "subnets". So I can't regroup my classes like this.
> My two domains live in !

Is there a reason you can't subnet them properly?

In any case, how is the network organized? Do you have a switch in each 
class, and then trunk them together on a router somewhere? If so, it 
should be fairly easy to create a match class for each classroom based 
on the of the switch port that class is plugged into, and 
then use 'allow members of' in the pool declaration for that classroom.

In theory you could use group {} inside of a subnet {} to give your 
pools for each DC common options, although I've never done that so I 
don't know for sure if it would work.



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