newbies questions

Pol Hallen dhcpml at
Fri Oct 18 11:59:32 UTC 2013

Howdy :-)

First for all, I'm apologize for this questions, obviously I've read some
howto before post here.

I use debian 7

1) when is necessary clear the file dhcpd.leases? (/var/lib/dhcp/)

2) with a dhcp range (i.e.) -, dhcp server does
an echo request for known if IP is available. If I've (with static IP) a
machine with IP and iptables blocks echo requests, should I've
an IP conflicts?

3) last question :-) after dhcp assigns me an IP, if I change that IP and
put same IP of gateway I can crack whole network? How disallow this

thanks for replies :-)


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