dhcp6.remote-id available ?

Maurice Sienema msienema at unet.nl
Mon Oct 21 12:42:19 UTC 2013


I'm searching for an Option-82 equivalent for IPv6, and came across
Option-37 ( dhcp6.remote-id ), since my DHCP relay is sending this option
to my dhcpd it sounded quite useful, but unfortunately ISC has not
implemented dhcp6.remote-id yet, and certainly not usable as a
host-identifier something like this:

host EP1D288384 {
	host-identifier option dhcp6.remote-id "EP1D288384";
	fixed-prefix6 fd00:1:1::/48;

So my question is, does anyone knows an option to identify DHCPv6 requests
without the use of DUID ?


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