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Hello Steve,you are right, as i am new to IPv6 I don't have much understanding of DHCP in IPv6 environment.
Thanks for the information. :)


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On 22 October 2013 04:13, vijay s sheelavantar <s_vijay65 at> wrote:

1. Subnet mask.2. Gateway3. DNS4. NTP.
I know the option fields for Ipv4, but i don't know for IPv6.

First of all please read up on how IPv6 works. Then read up on how DHCP works in an IPv6 environment. It's clear from your question that you do not yet fully understand either of these.

You do not specify either the gateway (this is discovered automatically from the RS/RA) or subnet mask (for the most part all client subnets should be /64, again either discovered from the RS/RA or the OS assumes /64) in DHCP.

So the remaining options you want are (but will depend on the client as to whether they use them): - comma separated IPv6 address(es)
dhcp6.sntp-servers - comma separated IPv6 address(es)

Ensure you have the correct RA flags set on your router to allow DHCP on the IPv6 network.



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