Dhcpd failover with fixed IP only : thoughts ?

tom tom at calixo.net
Mon Sep 9 11:07:52 UTC 2013

Hi Glen,

> Fixed IP and dhcpd, I assume you mean you use host statements with
> fixed-address only? [..]
Yes. Although not exactly because I use a pool containing only one IP 
because dhcpd 4.1.1P1 does not support host statement based on option82. 
Reference: http://www.miquels.cistron.nl/isc-dhcpd/

> Fixed-address is a special case within the server in that it doesn't get
> handled like a dynamic lease, so each server can hand out the same address
> and it will all "just work".
Great! Can you provide more information about "doesn't get handled like 
a dynamic lease" ? I am asking mainly because I do use host host {} but 
a 'fake' pool.

Thanks Glen

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